Unit Overview

Energy Plasto Industries has a state of the art production facility with class 13500 sq ft. production area, controlled with 30º c surrounding temperature with chest free atmosphere.

We also have Hi tech fully automated plant with high speed (up to 600 caps /min) SACMI compression moulding machines for manufacturing caps 
and closures with 100 % on line inspection through in build CVS system. Our Production capacity is more than 7500 million
closures per year.

Compression Molding

Energy Plasto Industries is the leader in closure manufacturing in India and Serves Major Brands in CSD, The closures are been molded by the advanced Compression Molding machines from SACMI –Italy.
In compression molding, everything depends on a lower plastic extrusion temperature, 30-40ºC less than injection, which gives these advantages:

Higher Productivity

The lower extrusion temperature allows the cap to be cooled in the mold more quickly, which results in higher productivity.

Less Energy Consumption

Lower extrusion temperatures mean less energy is needed to bring the plastic to extrusion temperature and, since the plastic is colder, less energy to cool it. Overall energy savings per cap would be substantial based on the weight of the cap.

High Specific Density

Molding pressure being equal, lower temperatures allows attainment of a higher specific density; moreover, the injection point, which puts added strain on the molten plastic, is absent. This technological condition provides good mechanical properties and a consistency that would be unattainable with injection.

High Precision Molds

Unlike the injection mold, which is burdened by its own weight, Compression Molds are lighter. Compression Process derives better precision.

No Gate Mark

Due to Absence of Gate Mark in compression molded caps the look of the closure is enhanced.

Quick Color Changeovers

These can be completed quickly without having to clean a hot chamber, which is absent in the compression process.
We are equipped with a State of the art rotary pad printing facility with class 5000 sq ft. printing area controlled with air handling units(AHU) and to maintain below 30 ºC room 

We also have a Hi tech fully automation plant with high speed( up to 1200 caps /min) WINNMAX pad printing machines for top printing of caps and closures with double colour printing option. Our Printing capacity is more than 7500 million closures per year.

Our well maintained hygienic storage facility provides a safe and protective environment for both raw material and finished goods with maintained humidity and room temperature within the specified range. We have also introduced racking system to increase the storage capacity. Our storage capacity can store upto 250 million closures.
Our highly updated QC lab with all advanced testing equipment puts strong emphasis on quality. The best manufacturing practices are implemented to ensure superior quality. We are a ISO 9001:2015 and FSSM
22000:2005 certified company.

We have a newly installed CMM machine to ensure dimensional accuracy of our closures.